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Qeshm Air

Flight permission or Medical clearance for travelers is required for below cases:

  1. All the patients with a surgery within the past two weeks
  2. People who have member breakage
  3. Mental patients who bother others
  4. Patients who need accompany
  5. Cardiac or Vascular patients such as heart attack, high blood pressure etc.
  6. People using wheelchair because of a recent illness or surgery. ( no need for the ones who are aged or disabled)
  7. Pulmonary patients, specially those with asthma
  8. Patients with concussion and skull breakage
  9. Patients with travel disease (nausea, vertigo, … which occurs due to vehicle movement)
  10. Unconscious or coma patients
  11. Patients who travel laid down
  12. Pregnant women are requested to get flight permission and filling out the medical form approved by gynecologist from the beginning of their pregnancy. Flight is forbidden for the first pregnancy and singleton after the week 36, and second pregnancy and twin and more, after 32 weeks of pregnancy. In all the pregnancy duration, there should be an approval signed and stamped by the gynecologist, mentioning the pregnancy period and probable delivery date.
  13. Patients with otolaryngology problems, such as severe sinusitis and ear aches ….
  14. Infants are allowed to fly after the first week of age.
  15. Patients with infectious communicable diseases
  16. Blood diseases such as anemia and blood cancer
  17. Skin infections specially intolerable skin infections
  18. Digestion diseases like gastric and duodenal ulcer, which cause bleeding
  19. Huge ventral hernia and intestinal obstruction
  20. Disable patients with senility and low tempered in case of active illness
  21. Blood donation
  22. Other illnesses

The above patients shall carry the completed  and approved medical form, to present to the ticket office and crew members.

Diabetic patients, high blood pressure, epilepsy and …. Should carry special medicine in their handbags and take it onboard the aircraft for necessary cases.

Steps to get the medical approval

Passenger with mobility problems or patients should follow below instructions:

  1. Obtaining medical information sheet from Qeshm Air ticket offices or download it from the site:

www.qeshm-air.com (first page-Medical guide) or sending the medical form request to the number:


  1. The responsibility of providing exact patient information in “Passenger Information Sheet” is with the handling agent supervisor.
  2. The validity of the forms issued by Qeshm Air medical center is 48 hours for domestic and international flights.
  3. All the passengers with recent surgeries (except the ones mentioned earlier), stretcher patients, those who require oxygen, passengers with infectious diseases, accident, cardiovascular, cerebral and similar patients, and people with nose surgeries, with one or two way obstruction, and all the people with IV line (venous, CVP etc. ) and premature infants, must be evaluated by an specialist or Qeshm Air medical center in Tehran, and obtain the flight permission.
  4. It is necessary to obtain approval through fax no. 02147992298 for the patients who have been prescribed using oxygen and stretcher by Qeshm Air approved specialist.

The above instruction including 14 points and 4 reminders, is prepared and applicable within all Qeshm Air Branches and also the passengers are obliged to follow them.

Summary of the subjects, “accepting passengers who require special care, other medical cases, cabin baggage procedures”